ML(Mining Lease) Form

ML Form

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ML Check list

Checklist for mining Lease(ML):

1. Application in form I to the concerned District Collector ,Madhya Pradesh, India with a non-refundable fee of Rs.3500.

2. Affidavit starting no. Mining dues and income Tax due in the state by all members, in case the applicant is a partnership firm/company.

3. Company Registration certificate (copy).

4. Power of attorney of authorized person, who will sign the application.

5. List of board of directors.

6. Resolution of the company for appointing the authorized signatory.

7. Attested copy of the memorandum and the Article of Association.

8. Cadastral map of the applied area on1:4,000 scale in case of revenue land 1:15,000 in case of forest land. Duly signed BT the revenue authority.

9. Copy of the prospecting License Order.

10. Details of the financial and technical capability of the company (Share Capital, Networth and balance Sheet of last three years).

11. Prospecting report stating proof of mineral as per UNFC system.

12. Self certification for filling of prospecting data.

13. Complete address of the applicant should be furnished in the application form which shall include details of Name/State/District/City/Phone/fax/Email/Cell No. of the applicant.


RP Flow Chart

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